Self Portrait #6: Textures II

Self Portrait #6: Textures II

This is the sixth installment of a video series that I’m entitling “Self Portraits.” Throughout my development as an artist I’ve noticed that playing melodically is something that is really important to me. I try not to let the fact that the drums don’t directly deal with harmony get in the way of expressing my musical ideas. It’s this constant search that has led me to experiment with a lot of different textures. I hope you enjoy!
To see the first Textures piece check out Self Portrait #2

In this video I am using Vater Sugar Maple -Super Jazz drum sticks, Remo Coated Ambassador Drums Heads and Fortune Drums.

As always, thanks to Cass Jewell for all of his incredible work and help with this! / Illustration done by my lovely wife Hannah Taddeo šŸ™‚

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