Self Portrait #4


Self Portrait #4

*please use headphones or decent speakers!*
This is the fourth installment of a video series that I’m entitling “Self Portraits.” The last few years I have been spending more and more time playing various percussion instruments and layering percussion tracks at home. It’s a great exercise to better understand your internal time and ability to find new textures within a certain framework. The melodic nature of the drums is all too often overlooked and one thing that I really enjoy about the process of creating something like this is going through each step and listening for what textures or “melodies” the track needs to speak…

Huge thanks to Cass Jewell for all of his incredible work and help with this! Illustrations done by none other than Kevin Abrams

In this video I am using Out of The Drawer Percussion (Congas, Bongos, Shaker) –

Vater Sugar Maple -Super Jazz drum sticks,

Remo Coated Ambassador Drums Heads


  • Mark Levigne  

    Mmmm-mmmm good. That took me somewhere this morning. I forgot I was at my desk. Thanks, friend.

    • avtaddeo  

      Thanks so much Mark! Appreciate the kind words as always 🙂 you’re too kind!

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