Self Portrait #2 – Textures

Self Portrait #2 – Textures


This is the second installment of my project, “Self Portraits.”  One thing that I’ve realized about my playing over the last couple of years is how important textures are to my sound. It’s an aspect of my musical voice that I take great pride in and something that I love experimenting with. This video is a short exploration/soundscape of some of the diverse textures that I’ve been utilizing. I hope you enjoy! If you feel or hear anything while listening to this, even if it’s “I hate this..,” let me know. I am really intrigued by how sounds can evoke such specific ideas and feelings. I appreciate your support…

Please use headphones or decent speakers when listening to this 😉


Video and Audio recording done by the one and only Cass Jewell / Illustration done by Kevin Abrams

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