Self Portrait #1

My project this year…

This is the first installment of a video series that I’m entitling “Self Portraits.” Since I turned 30 in October, I’ve been thinking a lot about my art and journey as an artist and I wanted to create a series of improvisations that made some kind of “musical photograph” of my current voice as an artist and percussionist. A snapshot that I can look back to and remember what I was working toward/becoming as a musician at this stage and accepting the strengths and imperfections that go with it. I am very excited to share this with you all!

Huge thanks to Cass Jewell for all of his incredible work and help with this!
In this video I am using Vater Sugar Maple -Super Jazz drum sticks and Fortune Drums.

Update 1/14/16:

A couple days after I posted the original video I was emailed by my friend and great piano player Roger Friedman. He sent me this MP3, In his words “… I had a little fun with it by playing some random tonalities in reaction to what I felt/heard. Your piece stands complete on its own and certainly doesn’t need anything added, I just wanted to indulge myself in some musical exploration and try not to detract from your inspired performance.”

This is exactly the kind of reaction and interaction that I was dreaming would happen through this project. For me, music/art is a way to connect with people. It’s a way to invest in each others lives in hopes that together we can help each other, serve each other and become better people through it. Thank you again Roger! And if anyone else is inspired by this and wants to add something, feel free.



  • ray porrello  

    Loved it Hanna ! Very Original Drum Solo!!! Nice Anthony!!

    • avtaddeo  

      Thanks Ray! So good to hear from you 🙂

  • Joe Leaman  


    • avtaddeo  

      Appreciate it Joe 🙂

  • Joe Garrad  

    Love it

    • avtaddeo  

      Joe! Thanks so much my friend! Miss you very much… a trip to Cleveland in the works soon??

  • Sue Marie Wilhelm  

    Very exciting! Stirring… Love it!

    • avtaddeo  

      Thank you very much! 🙂

  • Anonymous  

    This is totally awesome! You have such talent Anthony!

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