Recording with Helen Welch



Helen Welch is an extremely dynamic vocalist and songwriter that I’ve had the good fortune of working with in Cleveland since we moved back here. Helen is the epitome of professionalism and working on this album was blast! I have a couple of my favorite tracks below. You can pick up the CD on her website –

On this track I’m playing drum set, cajon, shakers, cowbell, clapping, castanets and bongos.


Arrangements of the Jolene and Both Sides Now.


  • Jae  

    Well done, sir! Been a long time. Let me know when you’re in WNY again. I’m in Columbus next week.

    • avtaddeo  

      Thank you! 🙂 Definitely hit me up whenever you’re here, it would be great to hang! I will let you know next time I’m out that way for sure.

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