Can-dinsky Animation

This video is a collaboration that I did a while back with a great friend and animator, Kevin Abrams. When I set out to make the sound design for this video I had two goals. I knew I wanted to use as few objects as possible and, as an ode to my first “ktm”,  I wanted to do something that referred back to “Coffee.”

When he sent me the first draft I was so excited to work on it, but I had no idea where to start. I started just trying to figure out the sounds for each scene and then after a couple days of testing sounds I decided to sit down and give it a few hours…. this is what I came up with!

I named the piece “Can-dinsky” because…well…I used espresso cans…. it seemed like an appropriate play on words. Also, the real Kandinsky is known for his abstract art, and with Kevin’s abstract animation, I felt it made sense.

In this recording I am only using: 2 espresso cans, my hands, and some water
The animation was done with pen and paper

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